Chartering Department of Suvari Shipping manages ship rental operations of its customers with leased vessels.

Our most important mission is to make the necessary
arrangements, like finding suitable vessels through our broad ship portfolio, preparing contracts, making the cargo plan, supplying right vessel for the right load, etc., and manage the operation on behalf of our customers during loading and unloading, and process the whole operation under our control with our wide network of agencies.

As Suvari Chartering, we provide transportation services
for the following loads in the most favorable conditions:

  • Iron & Steel
  • Gypsum in big bags, pallets or bulk, MDF, Chipboard
  • Cereals, wheat, fertilizer
  • Coal, iron ore
  • All kinds of mines in packages or in bulk
  • Bulk and / or packaged cement, clinker, slag
  • Scrap
  • Machinery, pipe, tank, crane and project loads
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"Integrated logistic solition partner for your caspian cargoes."